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Camille Gamboa
A self-described “nerd” with a passion for higher education, lifelong learning, and research (this girl listens to podcasts of lectures for fun!), Camille Gamboa was drawn to SAGE because of a mutual love for the social sciences. A graduate student in communication herself, Camille understands the occasional woes that result from research and writing (and she isn’t afraid to blog about them!). She couldn’t be more content in her role as an advocate for engaged scholarship as a PR Associate at SAGE. In her free time, she also enjoys running (just survived her 3rd half marathon), travelling (she speaks fluent Spanish and has lived in 3 countries outside of the US), and cooking.
Feel free to email her at

Charline.Maher Sagepub

Charline Maher
As a lover of books, schools, and living in southern California, Charline naturally joined the K-12 education publisher Corwin (a SAGE company) right out of college. She’s a big believer in the power of education and its ability to transform lives. She loves sharing new ideas, innovations, and research to help schools improve a little bit every day. When not discussing the pros and cons of blended learning or talking about the direction of U.S. education policy, Charline can be found puttering around the kitchen or curled up on the couch with a good book.
You can reach her at

KatieBakerKatie Baker
Katie Baker took up contributing to SAGE Connection from the minute she stepped through the doors in June 2012. Prior to joining SAGE, Katie had worked for a number of wonderfully varied places, ranging from the Institute of Psychiatry to financial PR. Now settled, Katie spends her time promoting all things SAGE, running home from work (trying) and exploring the digital archives of Adam Matthew as she relives her love for the Enlightenment period and Romantic literature (she can’t quite leave her University research days behind her!). She can be reached at

Lettie ConradLettie Conrad
Lettie came to SAGE Publications in 2006 after four years managing the publications program for a think tank in Washington, DC. She was sure that politics was the leading industry that used acronyms for everything – until she came to work in academic publishing!

As head of SAGE’s Online Product Management organization, Lettie leads strategic, user-centered development for SAGE’s award-winning databases and web platforms. She is proud to be part of an innovative team at SAGE that supports online delivery of our inter-disciplinary eBooks and an international suite of more than 650 academic and professional journals. She is instrumental in launching new web and mobile products, developing new online features and web-publishing systems, and maintaining outstanding content quality on SAGE platforms. Lettie has a master’s degree in Mass Communication from California State University, Northridge.
She can be reached at


Books Marketing, SAGE London
Nellie, Lauren and Dilhara are from the UK Books Marketing team. They are an eclectic bunch of individuals performing an equally eclectic bunch of roles. Whether it’s an email announcing the next big book, a stand at a conference, a tweet, or a bookshop promotion – the chances are one of them is behind it. At the heart of books marketing however, is a passion to communicate the latest research, thinking and knowledge, enabling academic and professional communities to never stop learning.

Dilhara crossed time zones (all the way from Sri Lanka), to pursue her dream job in publishing and couldn’t be more content with where she is, working on the Education and Study Skills list.

Nellie ventured from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset to exercise her passion for books. When she’s not working on the Business, Management and Psychology lists, you can expect to find her running or baking.

Lauren, whilst working on the Geography, Media and Communication, Sociology, Politics and International Relations, Criminology, and Research Methods lists, still manages to find time to fit in her love for outdoor sports such as scuba diving and abseiling.
Feel free to email us at, or

rsz_london_books_editorial_sagepubEditorial, SAGE London
Anna Horvai, Martine Jonsrud and Emma Milman are Books Assistant Editors in the SAGE London office. Anna works on the Research Methods list, Martine on the Sociology list, and Emma on the Health and Social Care list; fortunately, they get to work with many wonderful authors across a whole range of disciplines. In September 2012, they launched a blog series called ‘How to get your book published’ which they take turns contributing to every month. If you’re interested in writing a book then check out their posts for some helpful tips!

Outside of the bustling world of SAGE, Anna, Martine and Emma enjoy vintage cloth shopping in Spitalfields, taking advantage of cheap flights to go on European adventures and eating delicious curries in nearby Brick Lane.
Contact them to share your thoughts on their posts at, and

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    Why the interest in social sciences is decreasing across the world, both as a matter of course study, academic interest and general curiosity.

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